Essential Coaching

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Most people live in an outer world made up of the commitments of the everyday life and in an inner world consisting of the wish to be fulfilled on a personal and professional level.

The disequilibrium generally existing between the outer world and the inner world risks taking away vital strength and disappointing your expectations.

What will your life be like when you have the ability to plan what you need to do and know how to do it, turn your wishes into goals, and define effective strategies for achieving results?

“Essential Coaching” is the first level of international specialisation in Coaching recognised by the Society of NLP ™ founded by Dr. Richard Bandler’.

Why should I register?

The “Essential Coaching” is a path recommended for you if you want:

  1. to define effective action plans to transform goals into results after evaluating possible options
  2. to evaluate your personal and professional life to identify areas for improvement and unleash the potential within you
  3. to help people to resolve conflicts and make decisions to change the outcomes of their personal and professional lives for the better

What you will learn?

You will learn how to help yourself, a person or a team to:

  1. define objectives, understand the current situation, evaluate options and define an action plan through the GROW “model
  2. create clear, precise and achievable objectives through the “WFG”, “EXACT” and “SMART”models
  3.  understand and manage the impact of limiting beliefs on the current situation through “meta model
  4. to acquire greater awareness and balance by identifying areas for improvement through the “Wheel of Life
  5. to stimulate the transformation of objectives into action plans by generating options through the “4 Questions” model
  6. to know the fundamental elements for efficient and effective teamwork in a group through “team coaching

How can you do it?

The course is based on the multiple theoretical lessons and practical exercises necessary to immediately experience in the classroom, on yourself and with your course colleagues, the effectiveness of the principles and tools of NLP.

Trainers and coaches present in the classroom will help you to discover these principles and instruments that you can apply immediately, to achieve your aims and help customers, fellow workers and family members.

Other benefits?

The participant, at the end of the 3 days will have the opportunity to attend the business coach course to obtain the international certification certificate of “Licensed NLP Coach ™” issued by the Society of NLP ™ the original of which is signed by Richard Bandler.

The Society of NLP ™, founded in 1978 by the creators of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, exercises a quality control on training programs and levels of specialisation in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).